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Dogs, it’s time to shine, August is National Dog Month

As if we needed a reason to celebrate our furry companions, now we have a whole month dedicated to our pups. Give them a some extra love and maybe a few extra treats as well. Here are a few ideas to celebrate National Dog Month with your dog.     Have a party Host a playdate with your pup and friends. Invite some of your closest pup friends over or find a local dog friendly venue. Spoil them with toys and treats while the humans tell the cutest stories of their own pups. Go Volunteer at a local shelter We love on our pups all year long but what about shelter pets? Take some time out to volunteer at your local shelter and spread your love to the pups waiting for their forever home. Not only will you feel good about helping your community, but the dogs will also very much enjoy it as well.    Plan a hike Go on an adventure with your pup. This can be an intense hike in a remote area or a stroll on an urban trail. Get out and enjoy some exercise with your furry friend. Remember to keep it

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