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Is your dog a natural swimmer? Introducing your pup to the water

It’s summer and that means fun in the sun! Do you know that not all dogs can naturally swim?Certain breeds are better equipped to handle the water; whether it’s a day at the lake or an afternoon in your back yard pool, here are some tips to keep in mind. Never just “throw” your dog into the water and expect them to swim. Certain breeds, such as bulldogs, may need some extra help moving around successfully in the water. Visit your local pet store and discuss dog life jackets, they offer a variety of sizes for your pup. When introducing your pet to water, start in the shallow end. This will ease your pet into understanding what to do. This will also help shy or unsure pets get use to the water. Try some positive reinforcement training to help your pet feel comfortable. Try and keep the experience as positive as possible. Always be alert when your pet is in the water. Never leave them unsupervised! Also keep in mind the quality of the water they are swimming in. Some lakes have issues lik…

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