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Staying busy at home with your pet

Our new norm is social distancing however, that doesn't mean you have to sit around bored while stuck at home. We'll go through some fun ways to occupy your time. Here are 10 ideas from our staff that will keep you busy. 1. Muffin Pan game Find a muffin pan, fill all or some of the cups with treats, top it off with a ball and that's it! Your pet will have fun finding and digging out his new found treats. 2. Teach your pet a new trick This can be a new simple trick or maybe refreshing an old trick. Your pet isn't going to care, they're just excited to spend time with you. 3. Run the yard or stairs (with caution of course) This one will get your pup panting. Be careful of obstacles that could hurt your pet. But a few controlled laps up and down the stairs will burn off some of that energy. 4. Hide and Seek with the treat This is pretty self explanatory, hide a treat somewhere in the house and let your pet find it. Start out easy at first but increase diffi

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