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Helpful tips to socialize your pet

Spring is in the air. Dogs need to be exposed to a variety of situations to help them better cope when confronted with them. When you hear socialization, you think of dogs getting along with other dogs. In reality, dogs need to be comfortable around people too. Here are some ways to help socialize your pet. Start socializing your pet as early as possible.The sooner you get your pet around other animals and people, the sooner they will understand how to act in distracting situations. Daycare is another great way to encourage socialization at a young age. Consistency is key.Try, try, and try again. Keep exposing your pet, from a distance, to other animals. If your pet reacts, then back it up a little until your pet feels comfortable and is behaving appropriately. It takes some patients but if you stick with it, you and your pet will be happier in the end. Take a trip to the Dog Park.If your pet isn’t socialized yet, staying outside the park is a great way to show your pup the correct beha…

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