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tips for fall

Helpful tips to get you and your pet ready for fall!  When the leaves start changing and the temperature dips, you know autumn is right around the corner. This can be an exciting time for you and your furry friend. Summer is coming to an end, the hot weather turns a little cooler, kids are back at school and you have plans to visit your favorite fall festivals. In the midst of all that excitement, there are a few things to keep in mind for the safety of your pet. 
Keep school supplies away from your pet. Kids are back to school which means lots of markers, glue, crayons and much more. While most school supplies are non-toxic, they will still give your pet some discomfort. They can cause stomach and intestinal discomfort or worse they can pose a chocking hazard to your pet. Having a routine where children keep supplies and backpacks up high will help keep your pet safe.

Store all pesticides and poisons in a safe place. When it gets cooler, bugs and rodents may find ways into your warm…

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