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Spring is in the air

It's March and we are ready for winter to be over. With the warmer months approaching so do your pets allergies. If your dog suffers from seasonal allergies here are some things that can help get you  and your pet.

Clean Toys & Bedding Allergens can cling to toys especially if your pet takes it outside. Washing them with hot water regularly can help minimize your pets exposure to irritants. Washing bedding at least once a week will help eliminate pollens and dander as well.
Bath Time Bathing your pet regularly is good practice. One reason is it helps remove irritants from your pets fur or skin. You may either do this your self or use a service to bathe your pet. The important thing is it gets done regularly.
WalksIf you and your pet enjoy taking walks, the time of day you choose could affect the amount of allergens in the air. Typically you should avoid early morning or late afternoon as there is generally a higher pollen count. Also try to avoid fields and parks with a lot of…

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