New Year, New You!

We all make resolutions for the New Year, this year try including your pet. Whether your resolution is to get healthy, get out more, or having more fun with your loved ones. Let’s take a look at some ways we can include our fur-babies in our New Year.

Take more walks

This will be beneficial to you and your pet. Beside the obvious health benefits, it can be fun too. Get out for a hike or bike ride, Fido will love getting the fresh air.

Eat Healthier

While you may switch to eating more greens, your pet can benefit also. Table scraps are not good for pets however; we are all guilty of doing it at one time or another. This should stop immediately.  Also, certain vegetables are beneficial to your pet’s health, so throw them a green bean or two. This can also help with overweight pets.  

Take time for yourself

While we take trips to the salon or massage therapist, our fur-babies can use some pampering too. Grooming may be a necessity for some dogs, it can also be a stress reliever as well. Of course not for all pets, some it can cause more anxiety. It is important to build a relationship with your groomer.

Take time to have fun

Get outside or do something fun with your pet. Parks are always a good way to spend the afternoon. Go for some ice cream, dog friendly of course, go Frisbee golfing or even hang out at your favorite hang out spots.

Get more social

This is so important for you and your pet. Taking time to interact with others is good for stress, its fun, and can teach us social norms. Take a trip to the park or get a bite to eat; there are many pet friendly businesses. 


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