Simple ways to protect your yard from ticks this Summer

It's Spring and that means beware of ticks. In Nebraska, we have a few common ticks to watch out for. One is the dog tick. Despite myths, ticks do not "fall" from the sky or trees. They are usually hanging out on brush or debris waiting for their next host. They are a nuisance however, you can do a few simple things to help decrease your interaction with them. Here are a few simple ways to keep your yard safe from ticks.
Use Protection On Pets
Using a topical or oral protection on your pet will help control tick bites. There are a variety of options to choose from. Talk with your vet about the right option for your pet.
Be sure to rake or leaf blow any access leaves that are lying around the yard. Dogs like leaves and so do ticks.  Ticks will wait patiently for their next host to pass by and catch a ride by hanging on. Keeping your yard free of leaves you can help minimize the exposure to your pet. 
Wood Piles
Whether you have a fireplace or the occasional campfire, placing wood piles in low traffic areas will help decrease your chances of running into these pesky bugs.
Keep areas around your shed free of weeds, clutter and other debris. These are places that ticks like to hang out in. You may also lay tick tubes around to help manage them. 
Wooded Areas
Help protect your pet by making a boundary in your yard and treat it with tick repellant. You will find a variety of options at your local home improvement store. We recommend using a friendlier option of natural deterrents if possible. Plants like lavender and eucalyptus repel ticks naturally. Remember to make sure plants are pet friendly if placed in high traffic areas. 
Bird Feeders
Yes, bird feeders. These attract mice and mice attract ticks. You can still enjoy your bird watching just place your bird feeder in a low traffic area. You may also lay out tick tubes for assistance. 


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