Fun ways to include your pup in the St. Paw-trick’s Day festivities

Pets are part of the family and therefore we treat them as so. A holiday just isn’t the same without the fur-babies running around. Here are some fun ways to include your pup this St. Patrick’s day.
Bowser Beer
This is a fun way to include your pup in the festivities without harming your pet. If beer is a must at your holiday party, try this. We also use this non-alcoholic beer for our tailgating paw-ties in the fall and the dogs love it.

Nobody can resist a pup in a costume. They offer a variety of costumes to choose from depending on the breed. There are a ton of fun DIY St. Patrick's Day outfit tutorials on the internet as well. You don't need to spend a lot of money, it's all about the fun times celebrating with your pet.

Green Treats
Whether its Greenies or homemade biscuits with food color, this is a fantastic way to celebrate with your pup. Remember to keep all corned beef and cabbage away from your pet. They have a hard time digesting it and may lead to stomachaches.


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