Is it Spring yet? Ways to keep your pup busy indoors.

Are you and your pup having a little cabin fever? Your pet can be a little mischievous when they don’t get enough exercise.  This cold weather has been rough, and we can’t wait until spring! Here are a few fun ways to keep your pet active when you can’t be outside.

Use the stairs

Stairs can be a great way for your pup to get their exercise when stuck indoors due to the weather. Use their favorite toy or ball for extra fun. You can even use this time to enhance trained manners like wait, come and many more. Be careful though, you don’t want your pet to get injured. Keep play at a safe level and Fido will be tired in no time.

Muffin Pan Fun

Having fun with your pet doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s what you do, find a muffin pan, tennis balls and your dog’s favorite treats. Place treats in some or all of the muffin pan and place the tennis balls on top of them. Your dog will have fun trying to uncover the treat underneath while using their problem solving skills, stimulating their mind.

Find it game

Use your dog’s favorite toy or treat and hide it somewhere in the house. Then, tell them to find it. It’s that easy and they absolutely love this game.  You may need to start off very easy if your pet doesn’t know the game yet however, they will catch on fast. Increase the level of difficulty once your furry guy gets the hang of it.

Cups for pups

We’ve all seen the trick where there’s three cups, one has something under it and they move them around, then you pick the one you think it is.  Well, that’s exactly what this game is! Take a tennis ball and place it under one of three cups. Move the cups around and let your pup find the tennis ball. Your dog will have a blast and you’ll have some laughs.

Red Light, Green Light

Your dog will need to know the come and stay/wait command for this one but it is a ton of fun.  Once your dog understands the relation between green light being “come” while you’re facing them and red light meaning, “wait” while your back is toward them. You’ll have so much fun playing this classic game, have patience, your dog will pick it up with some help from you.


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