Dogs that will gladly play in the snow with you

Does your pet love the winter months? Here are a few breeds that will love spending time outdoors with you. Whether it’s a snow hiking trip, sledding or building a snowman, these pups are ready for the cold weather.
These are only a few of the breeds and are not listed in any particular order.


These dogs have a thick coat and are made for the cold weather. They make great working dogs and family pets. Not to mention they are absolutely adorable!

Great Pyrenees

These big guys are protectors. They’re strong yet gentle. They have thick coats to with stand the cold elements and the heart of a teddy bear. They love to be with their family so go have some fun in the snow.

Alaskan Malamute

When you say winter dogs, this is the breed you think of. They make excellent outdoor sporting dogs and have a thick coat to keep them warm. They look a little intimidating but they are very friendly with people.


These dogs are big! Their long thick fur help protect them from the cold. Newfoundland’s originated from Canada so naturally they are great outdoor dogs. They are protectors and love spending time with their family.

Of course there are many dogs that like the snow and these are just a few. Remember, if your dog has short hair, put a jacket on or something to keep him warm. Just because a dog "likes" the snow, doesn't mean that breed is equipped for the cold weather. 


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